Cole Caufield unhappy after a loss
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Powerful statement and a clear message from Cole Caufield sent to Gary Bettman

Published January 19, 2024 at 5:26 PM

There are several topics of discussion in the NHL that are more sensitive than others. We know that hockey is becoming faster and more physical, making it more demanding as well.

The infamous back-to-back games have existed for a long time, and honestly, with the schedules of events and arenas hosting other sports teams, it's quite a logistical challenge.

However, players are starting to complain, especially when it comes to road games. Playing two nights in a row at home, without travel, may be manageable, but with travel from one city to another, sometimes even dealing with customs and all, it becomes problematic.

Once again, I repeat: players from all teams are complaining, but Cole has just done it publicly.

"We have a tough schedule [this week], yes, but the league doesn't care, we have to be ready for this kind of stretch!" - Caufield

This means that yes, it bothers the players, but their mentality is more about adjusting and improving in such situations.

There could be ways to address the issue, such as scheduling two games between the same teams at the same location two nights in a row, for example. A bit like in the American League. Yes, they sometimes play three nights in a row, but it's in the same city, without travel.

It should be mentioned that airports are not always close to the arenas. Sometimes, the bus journey is almost as long as the flight itself. One thing is certain, it's a clear message sent to Gary Bettman.

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Powerful statement and a clear message from Cole Caufield sent to Gary Bettman

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