Proposal for a major trade that could be a home run for the Canadiens with the Canucks

Elias Adaime
May 28, 2023  (11:14)

Obviously, with the approaching draft day, there will be more and more trade proposals surfacing, whether to improve or not the future of the Montreal Canadiens.

We report this information purely for the pleasure of debating trade proposals that spark discussions and entertain us.
Here's one proposal that we suggest based on rumors we've heard behind the scenes of the NHL. It's up to you to play the role of GM and determine whether you would make the trade or not.
The Vancouver Canucks are currently facing serious salary cap issues for the upcoming season. With the organization already exceeding the maximum allowed by nearly $1 million, having only five defensemen under contract and just one goaltender, the team's management is eager to shed a hefty contract during the summer.
One name that has been circulating in rumors since last season is defenseman Tyler Myers, who is not in the good graces of the Canucks' executives.
Entering the final year of his contract with an annual cap hit of $6 million, Vancouver would like to move him to give themselves better salary cap flexibility.
Considering this context, here's the proposed trade:
To Montreal:
- Tyler Myers
- 2023 1st round pick (11th overall)
To Vancouver:
- Joel Edmundson (50% of his salary retained)
- 2023 1st round pick (Panthers' pick)
Similar to the trade made last year for Sean Monahan, absorbing Myers' huge contract comes at a price. By offering Edmundson as a replacement at 50% of his salary, it would save the Canucks $4.25 million against the salary cap.
Additionally, to balance the trade value with Vancouver's high draft pick, along with the $4 million+ salary cap savings, the Habs would include the Panthers' 2023 1st round pick to even out the value of the trade.
Furthermore, as a right-handed defenseman, Myers would address the issue of having an excess of left-handed defensemen, such as Edmundson, in the defensive lineup.
The Canadiens would then acquire a second selection within the top 11 picks of the upcoming draft, potentially allowing them to secure another highly regarded prospect like Zach Benson, Gabriel Perreault, Brayden Yager, Oliver Moore, Axel Sandin-Pellikka, Colby Barlow, or Matthew Wood, for example.
If you were the Canadiens' GM, would you make this trade?
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Proposal for a major trade that could be a home run for the Canadiens with the Canucks

Edmundson (50% retained) + 2023 1st round pick (from Florida) for Myers + 1st round pick (11th overall), would you do it?

Yes22359.3 %
Yes but Vancouver say no11029.3 %
No359.3 %
No but Vancouver say yes82.1 %
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