The San Jose Sharks could save the Montreal Canadiens' draft

Published May 20, 2023 at 10:06 PM

For nearly two weeks now, we know that the Montreal Canadiens will be choosing in the fifth position in the 2023 Draft.

As most experts mention, in terms of pure talent, there is a top group of five young players who dominate this class, and then there's the rest. Among these top prospects, there is, of course, Connor Bedard, but also Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson, Will Smith, and Matvei Michkov.

In this sense, the Habs have been fortunate to secure the fifth overall pick, as the team will have the opportunity to add one of these high-caliber talents to their roster.

However, one factor could significantly change the course of the draft, and that is the complex situation surrounding Michkov.

While some believe he is the second-best player available after Bedard and could also become a phenomenal player, the ongoing international conflict and his three-year contract with the KHL could cause him to slide in the first round or even fall out of the top 5.

If Michkov were the only player among the top five still available when the Canadiens make their pick, many fear that the team might pass on him, even though he is regarded as the best Russian talent since Alexander Ovechkin.

However, a very interesting development could significantly influence the Canadiens' decision.

According to Patrik Bexell from the reputable website Habs Eye On The Prize, Kent Hughes may not have to make a difficult decision regarding Michkov. In fact, Mike Grier, the general manager of the San Jose Sharks, revealed that he is not concerned about the Russian player not being able to join the NHL until 2026.

This means that if the Sharks were to dare to choose Michkov with the fourth pick, for all the right reasons mentioned earlier, the Canadiens could ultimately end up with Leo Carlsson or Will Smith, which would be perfect for the team's future.

If the Canadiens are hesitant to select Michkov and another team dares to do so before them, it would be the ideal scenario according to Canadiens fans who are very afraid that the club might choose a player far less talented than the Russian at the 5th spot.

Credit: Fanadiens.com
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The San Jose Sharks could save the Montreal Canadiens' draft

If you had the choice, who would you take with the 5th overall pick?

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