The end of Brendan Gallagher? A huge statement emerges, and it's very concerning

October 10, 2023  (0:05)

During one of the recent episodes of Radio-Canada's podcast, Tellement Hockey, Brendan Gallagher's situation was a hot topic of discussion.

In connection with a disappointing training camp, where he had previously claimed to be in sparkling form, the host Alexandre Coupal brought up the notion that CH's number 11 seemed to be "running out of steam."
Given the worrying performance of the fiery forward, Canadiens' coverage journalist Marc-Antoine Godin didn't offer any reassurance with his extended remarks.
"What worries me is that in last year's training camp he stood out, and we thought that after a tough year, he might find his groove. But that momentum, which was there last year during training camp, is currently nowhere to be seen. I am very concerned about what lies ahead for Brendan Gallagher because if he's going to fade away and end up on a fourth line, paired with Jake Evans indefinitely... I feel he's no longer at the level to support and complement guys like Suzuki and Caufield. He's at a point where finding him a spot in the Top-9 would already be a huge win. Does he still have what it takes to be among the top nine forwards? I'm wondering, and honestly, I'm a bit worried."

- Marc-Antoine Godin

As Godin also points out, the NHL's pace is continuously accelerating, which significantly contributes to the decline of a slowing player like Gallagher.
His podcast colleague, journalist Alexandre Gascon, also made a significant statement, noting that this season will be pivotal for the remainder of Gallagher's career.
"I'm very concerned about Gallagher. Honestly, I felt sorry for him. Watching him play, he can't keep up with the National League's pace. And that's not something you can just regain. If that's truly the issue right now, I don't see how he'll be able to turn things around. He's 31, battered from previous games and injuries, never had great speed, and for years he compensated with sheer tenacity and the vigor of his youth. But now, at 31, with his history, it's really concerning, and moreover, sad because it's not heading in the right direction."

- Alexandre Gascon

Ouch! Given that he's never really delivered performance worthy of his hefty $6.5M salary, valid for another four seasons, everything indicates that Gally could become a significant financial burden for the organization.
Considering his age, as he will turn 32 at the end of the next campaign, along with his history of significant injuries, a contract buyout seems to be looming on the horizon for him, even if the penalties for such a move would be substantial.
We're eager to see how he performs this year.
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The end of Brendan Gallagher? A huge statement emerges, and it's very concerning

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