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Things are starting to shake up for Kent Hughes, and he receives a powerful message

Published January 6, 2024 at 10:52 PM

We know there is a significant surplus of defensemen in the Canadiens' organization. Not only are certain defensemen like Gustav Lindstrom not getting playing time, but there are others in Laval facing the same situation, such as Nicolas Beaudin.

The arrival of Logan Mailloux and Arber Xhekaj has not helped him get ice time. Beaudin is finding himself on the sidelines more often than not, and it's starting to take its toll.

Indeed, the Châteauguay native has put the situation in the hands of his agent. His requests are simple: either give me more playing time, whether it's in Laval or elsewhere, or trade me.

"Nicolas Beaudin would like a chance to play more, whether it's in Laval or elsewhere. He has entrusted the matter to his agent. For now, the Rocket prefers to use Mailloux, Xhekaj, and Trudeau in offensive roles. Developing story." - Anthony Marcotte

While not officially requesting a trade, his desires are clear, and we know that Kent Hughes takes this seriously. A trade might be in the works for him.

With the arrival of Reinbacher and Hutson, there will be even less room, and Hughes will have even more work to do. Beaudin's requests could prompt other defensemen in the organization to seek the same, and that's legitimate.

To be continued...

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Things are starting to shake up for Kent Hughes, and he receives a powerful message

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