Turn of events concerning the meeting between Logan Mailloux and Gary Bettman

Published July 14, 2023 at 6:04 PM
Although Logan Mailloux's selection in 2021 was widely criticized due to his off-ice situation at the time, he now represents one of the most promising prospects in the organization for the position of defender. Indeed, Mailloux has just had an exceptional season with the London Knights, scoring 33 goals and 44 assists (77 points) in 80 games.

Fans are eager to see him in action next year, who, barring a major surprise, will start his professional career with the Laval Rocket. The possibility should also not be ruled out that the 6'3", 208-pound defender could play a few games with the Montreal Canadiens during the 2023-2024 season.

However, before he can take his first strides in the Canadiens uniform, he will have to meet with Commissioner Gary Bettman to prove that he has matured before being allowed to play in the NHL. At the beginning of June, Renaud Lavoie had notably advanced a major piece of information in this file, asserting that the two men would meet after the playoffs.

However, it is now July 14 and no verdict has been given concerning Logan Mailloux's future in the NHL. The infamous meeting that was supposed to take place after the playoffs has evidently not happened and we are still waiting for the NHL's decision.

In this regard, journalist Stu Cowan who works for The Montreal Gazette has made a very interesting update on this situation. Indeed, according to his information, Logan Mailloux will meet Gary Bettman only when the defender is ready to make the jump to the NHL. This statement diverges greatly from the information reported by Renaud Lavoie and explains why we still have no news on this file.

"We will assess Logan Mailloux's situation when the Montreal Canadiens decide to bring him to the NHL." - Gary Bettman

So we will have to wait several more weeks, or even until the beginning of next season, before we have an official answer regarding the NHL's verdict on Logan Mailloux. One thing is certain, the young defender's progress can make fans very excited, as he seems destined for a very promising future with the Canadiens.

Sources: Montreal Gazette
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