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Unexpected development in the Sean Monahan and Montreal Canadiens situation

Published February 4, 2024 at 2:01 PM
Many fans would have liked Sean Monahan to stay with the Canadiens and sign a contract extension. I must admit, I'm one of them. Given another late first-round pick, I would have kept him.

It's unfortunate, but true. The Canadiens aren't one pick away from becoming a good team; they need established, quality players, especially up front. If Kent Hughes trades good players for picks all the time, how will the team progress?

The general manager admitted that the team is better with Sean in the lineup, and he would have liked to keep him, but couldn't afford to offer him a contract. With over 19 million in cap space for the next season, it's a bit puzzling, but okay.

In a surprising turn of events, during a recent appearance on Chris Nilan's podcast, 'The Raw Knuckles,' Monahan confessed that he would like to return to the Canadiens. According to him, the future of the team looks very promising and encouraging.

The Jets won't be able to keep him after the season, so he will officially be a free agent on July 1st. Considering the class Kent Hughes and the entire organization showed him, it wouldn't be surprising if he signs again with Montreal.

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Unexpected development in the Sean Monahan and Montreal Canadiens situation

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