A former right-hand man of Bergevin issues a warning to Kent Hughes

Carl Vaillancourt
April 14, 2024  (7:57 PM)

Marc Bergevin
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Two and a half years after being dismissed along with then-general manager Marc Bergevin and director of scouting Trevor Timmins, the team's Senior Vice President of Communications Paul Wilson broke his silence in a recent interview.

He took advantage of his interview with Jean-Charles Lajoie on TVA Sports to send a clear message to the new general manager of the Montreal Canadiens.
With extensive experience in the Canadiens organization, Paul Wilson sent a message to the new leadership of the organization. While acknowledging the good work they've done since taking office, the former Vice President of Communications for the CH Group expressed a reservation about the treatment they are currently receiving. Like an elevator, what goes up eventually comes down in the wonderful world of hockey.
"I think they're doing a good job. Now, Montreal being what it is, and having experienced it from the inside, people will be patient, for sure. There's a kind of honeymoon period that, in my opinion, is stretching a bit, which is perfectly fine, but fans will demand results at some point."

"A rebuild doesn't necessarily happen in three years. It can take five. I think the Canadiens' management is taking the right steps, but there will come a time when it will be more difficult." - Paul Wilson

Still in contact with his former boss, Paul Wilson stated that Marc Bergevin had moved on from his dismissal in November 2021.
Now serving as the assistant general manager with the Los Angeles Kings, Marc Bergevin is the right-hand man of Rob Blake. His duties require him to travel extensively and interact with many hockey figures. He is his boss's second pair of eyes.
"The former GMs, they're a special breed. They've lived that all their lives. [...] Sure, when it happens, your esteem takes a little hit, but Marc has moved past that. He bears no grudge against anyone. He's now in Los Angeles, and he's very happy." - Paul Wilson

Arriving in 2012, Marc Bergevin held his position from 2012 to 2021. The fresh breeze he embodied during the first half of his tenure quickly took a different turn in the following years. By 2018, fans began to criticize him. Trevor Timmins' draft mistakes eventually cost him his job in part. Is this the fate awaiting Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton? How long will the honeymoon period last?
Nobody knows! However, the change in culture within the organization with frank communications and greater transparency is greatly welcomed by fans. The intentions expressed by the Gorton-Hughes duo are enough to instill confidence in the fans.
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A former right-hand man of Bergevin issues a warning to Kent Hughes

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