Andrei Markov and David Reinbacher
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A Markov improved with the Habs? Big statement about Reinbacher

Published April 2, 2024 at 10:55

With the 5th overall pick, there's an expectation for the player to become very good. David Reinbacher has all the pressure on his shoulders, and he could very well be the next improved version of Andrei Markov for the Canadiens.

At least that's what the voice of the Laval Rocket, Anthony Marcotte, believes, as he has seen Reinbacher play in every game since he arrived in North America.

"Without singling out a particular player, I see Reinbacher as a complete defenseman who will log a lot of minutes in the NHL. Sort of like Andrei Markov, but a bit more robust." - Anthony Marcotte

Andrei Markov was the quarterback of the Canadiens, a player who made his partner much better than they actually were. Players like Mike Komisarek, Sheldon Souray, P.K. Subban, and many others all had a positive influence playing with the Russian.

If David Reinbacher truly becomes as good as Markov, while also being more robust, the Canadiens will have done well to pass on Matvei Michkov to select him.

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A Markov improved with the Habs? Big statement about Reinbacher

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