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An intriguing story involving Logan Mailloux

Published May 8, 2024 at 12:37

The day after the NHL draft lottery for the upcoming amateur draft, the Montreal Canadiens' draft position is now known. The team will be selecting fifth overall unless a trade occurs before then! It's interesting to speculate about what Martin St-Louis' lineup will look like come October.

Will a young prospect like Ivan Demidov or Cayden Lindstrom break into the lineup? Will a free agent with or without compensation join the team? Names like Trevor Zegras, Martin Necas, Teuvo Teravainen, Jonathan Marchessault, and several others come to mind as potential additions to bolster the CH's offensive punch in the top six!

The progress of young players in the organization is also generating a lot of excitement. Among those closest to securing a roster spot, Logan Mailloux, Lane Hutson, and David Reinbacher are knocking on the door of the big league.

Logan Mailloux's name is circulating more and more in Montreal!

Indications suggesting Logan Mailloux has already been confirmed as part of the lineup for the first game of the regular season seem to be gaining credibility.

Journalist Maxime Truman shared an interesting observation regarding the team's first-round pick in 2021.

During a visit to the Laval Rocket's locker room last week, the nameplates above the players' personal lockers were still there. Among all the regulars on the team, only... Logan Mailloux's nameplate was missing!

"No, it's not because he played the Canadiens' last game of the season at the Bell Centre that Logan Mailloux no longer had a nameplate in the Rocket's locker room. [...]

Mailloux played at the Bell Centre on Tuesday, April 16, and then at Place Bell on April 20, four days AFTER his game in Montreal." - Maxime Truman

Moreover, the Canadiens and the Rocket don't even have the same nameplates. They don't share them.

Curious Discovery in the Locker Room: Logan Mailloux's Name is the ONLY Missing One

Considering his performance with the club on April 16th, Logan Mailloux seems to have dispelled any doubts Martin St-Louis, Kent Hughes, and Jeff Gorton might have had. He's ready to make the jump to the Bettman circuit according to the management!

We won't delve into conspiracies, but this is an indication that partly reveals the organization's short-term plan. David Reinbacher and Jayden Struble's nameplates were present in the locker room. The team's 2023 first-round pick might return to Laval to continue adapting to North American hockey. He showed flashes of brilliance with Laval, but he didn't get as much repetition as his compatriot.

It was really only Logan Mailloux's nameplate that was missing.

Various speculations could explain why Logan Mailloux's nameplate isn't in the locker room. For example, he might have taken it as a souvenir for his incredible season in Laval. It could also mean that his Rocket de Laval nameplate will be outdated in 2024-2025.

"And it leads us to believe that he might know that his chances of playing in Montreal in October – and not in Laval – are very high. [...]

It's also possible that the Canadiens' organization has already decided that Mailloux would leave during the summer... and that they wanted to get rid of everything related to Mailloux. I don't think this is a likely scenario, but considering his past, the information released by Jean Trudel on the Stanley25 podcast, and his agent's behavior toward me, it could still happen..." - Maxime Truman

This information can be taken lightly or seriously. It solely depends on the individual analyzing it!

Logan Mailloux had an extraordinary season in his first campaign as a professional. The Laval Rocket defenseman recorded 47 points in 72 games. He added an assist with the Tricolore in his only game wearing the blue, white, and red uniform.

Beyond his points, he left a good impression on the organization's management on April 16th! Is he mature enough for the next step? It seems the answer is yes...

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The Rocket reportedly quickly removed Logan Mailloux's nameplate from the team's locker room.

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An intriguing story involving Logan Mailloux

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