Arber Xhekaj is in the sights of the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for Necas?

Carl Vaillancourt
June 6, 2024  (10:14)

Arber Xhekaj
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The star host of TVA Sports, Jean-Charles Lajoie, has suggested a possible trade in which the sheriff could be an attractive bargaining chip for the Carolina Hurricanes to obtain forward Martin Necas. This has sparked a lot of buzz...

The colorful host from Quebecor shared his thoughts on the X platform, and it makes sense when you consider the situation of each party.
In addition to Jean-Charles Lajoie, Justin Blades, an informant from the Eyes On The Prize network, has just shared this possibility. There have been numerous reactions to the post, and social media has exploded. The site is a credible source in the North American hockey blogging community.

A trade involving Arber Xhekaj and Martin Necas? Jean-Charles Lajoie's statement is gaining traction

Under his article titled "The Possibility of a Xhekaj for Necas Trade," we find the following reaction.
"Yeah, that would be a huge no from me. [...] No one brings the combination that Xhekaj brings. He's unique. Having a guy with his toughness and physical play, who can play regularly and contribute offensively, is a big asset and hard to find."

- AJS on X

At this point, it's true to say that Martin Necas's value is much higher than that of the Habs' tough defenseman. Several subscribers have shared the view that Arber Xhekaj is a defenseman who belongs in the AHL rather than the NHL. However, these internet users forget several essential factors, such as the fact that he played injured this year and is only 23 years old. In terms of talent, he's far from Necas. In terms of utility, he allows his teammates to play with confidence, and his toughness might have made a difference in the playoffs. The Canes severely lacked intensity, hitting, and what experts call grit.
The Carolina Hurricanes currently have around $27.7 million in cap space. The list of free agents and players to sign is growing, and Martin Necas may not be the top priority for the new general manager, especially since the player's father has shared that his son wants to be traded, in both local and national press. This has generated a lot of buzz.
With the free agency of Teuvo Teravainen, Jake Guentzel, Martin Necas, Seth Jarvis, Jack Drury, Brett Pesce, Brady Skjei, Anthony DeAngelo, and several others, the Carolina Hurricanes are in a tight spot. At the same time, Arber Xhekaj is likely to have a low salary, which could be appealing to the Canes. The reality of the salary cap must be analyzed in such a trade. His energy, toughness, and intensity in front of the net are essential aspects come playoff time. Could this secret ingredient change the game in Carolina? It's hard to say... It goes without saying that a draft pick in the first two rounds could also be considered by Kent Hughes, knowing he has a lot of assets for the 2024 and 2025 drafts.
And you, does this possible trade appeal to you? Would you trade Arber Xhekaj in a deal to acquire Martin Necas?
According to the responses from our first home poll, no less than 66.3% of fans would refuse to trade Arber Xhekaj and a 2024 second-round pick for Martin Necas. Quite surprising, but Xhekaj's utility might be highly valued by the fans. Montreal fans often have a soft spot for players who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and play tough.
This says a lot about the esteem held for Arber Xhekaj when fans refuse to sacrifice a third-pair defenseman and a pick who hasn't yet skated in the NHL for a guy who has produced 71 and 53 points on a second line in the last two campaigns in Carolina.
JUNE 6   |   450 ANSWERS
Arber Xhekaj is in the sights of the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for Necas?

If you're Kent Hughes, do you accept to trade Arber Xhekaj and 2024 2nd round pick for Martin Necas?

Yes8619.1 %
No33474.2 %
Depends what is on the UFA market on July 1st306.7 %
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