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Attitude issues with Logan Mailloux on the Rocket: that would be false

Published March 28, 2024 at 3:24 PM

Logan Mailloux's attitude with the Laval Rocket has sometimes been questioned since the beginning of the season.

There were reports that he enjoyed partying at night and showed up late to practices, which is never well-received in professional sports.

Remember a passage from Jean Trudel on the Stanley25 podcast, where he seemed very convinced that Logan was in trouble. Indeed, the host mentioned he had privileged information that would get Mailloux out of Montreal if it became public.

It seems that JT and Max Truman have changed their tune with new information, as the discourse has now shifted.

"We criticized him a little over the past two weeks, someone (well-informed) called me to say that it's no longer true, or not true at all...

Recently, I checked and it's true, Logan Mailloux is really a good teammate.

He's doing what he needs to do to reach his dream of playing in the NHL, and I think it's important to say that, to balance things out.

Yes, he was late to meetings and practices, yes, he did questionable things early in the season, but apparently things are going very well for Logan now." - Maxime Truman

We know that before the AHL All-Star break, there were rumors that teammates and staff of the Rocket had seriously warned Logan to stop it, and it was already settled in January when he learned he would go to San Jose to participate in the All-Star weekend.

It's very good news to know that it's behind him now because the last thing the young player and the Canadiens need is another controversy surrounding him.

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Attitude issues with Logan Mailloux on the Rocket: that would be false

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