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Big announcement about Daniel Brière and the Montreal Canadiens

Published April 9, 2024 at 10:27 PM

We just had a big revelation about Daniel Brière and the Montreal Canadiens, and it comes from one of the best friends of the Flyers' GM.

Indeed, the well-known host Patrice Bélanger is a close friend of Daniel's, and he revealed privileged information about the hiring process that led to Kent Hughes being selected as the GM of the Canadiens.

"I would have liked that (him being GM of the Habs), because it would have meant that my buddy would have been closer. We would have spent nice evenings together more often. I would have known some stuff, and you would have invited me more often (jokingly). What I find 'fun' is that he was considered for a long time in the process and came really close to becoming GM of the Canadiens. I think it was formative for him, to ultimately end up where he is with the Flyers." - Patrice Bélanger

So, Brière would have really come close to snatching the position from Kent Hughes, hmm, that's a huge revelation.

"Daniel Brière was very seriously considered for the Canadiens' GM position at the time!" - RDS

Honestly, I like Kent Hughes and I like Daniel Brière. I think I would have been satisfied with either one, and I'm glad they're both now employed in the NHL.

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Big announcement about Daniel Brière and the Montreal Canadiens

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