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BPM Sports' proposal: Kaiden Guhle to Chicago for a star?

Published May 10, 2024 at 5:16 PM

The Canadiens need firepower upfront, and a pretty monstrous trade proposal has just been made by the duo of Georges Laraque and Tony Marinaro.

Indeed, the defense is in good hands, with Michael Matheson, David Savard, and Kaiden Guhle, as well as Logan Mailloux, Lane Hutson, and David Reinbacher on the horizon.

The only problem is that Laraque and Marinaro would trade one of the pillars on the blue line, Kaiden Guhle.

"The Canadiens offer Kaiden Guhle and the 5th overall pick for the Blackhawks' 2nd overall pick. Do you do it?" - BPM Sports

Personally, I wouldn't do it. Kaiden Guhle plays big minutes against the best opponents and has been doing so since the start of his career.

While he may not be the most productive offensively, he's more than capable of joining the attack. His defensive side is superb, and the rest can only improve.

The goal of doing this is certainly to secure the services of Ivan Demidov, who promises to be a very special forward, possibly the most talented for the Canadiens in decades.

However, what's the point of strengthening one position while weakening another? It makes no sense.

Guhle has his place with the Canadiens, and the team needs him. He's a product of the Habs, and he loves playing in Montreal. He'll be very good for a long time.

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BPM Sports' proposal: Kaiden Guhle to Chicago for a star?

Would you accept to trade Kaiden Guhle and the 5th pick for the 2nd overall pick?

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