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Carey Price back with the Canadiens? It's confirmed and it's big

Published May 1, 2024 at 2:53 PM

During the Canadiens' last game of the season on April 16th, Carey Price made an appearance, much to the delight of fans in attendance.

It's not a big surprise to see him for the last game of the season, but something caught my attention on that famous April 16th.

Carey was in the suite with Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes, along with the GM, Vice President, and Paul Byron.

Usually, Price is in a suite with his family. This time, his family was alone in the suite, and he was with his bosses. The rumor mill instantly went into overdrive.

Is Carey about to have a new role within the Montreal Canadiens?

His presence in the suite with the top brass could have simply been friendly, but his wife, Angela Price, has just revealed something even bigger.

Carey has spent the last two weeks away from his family, who returned to Kelowna two weeks ago.

The star goaltender, however, stayed in Montreal during this time. But why did he remain in the city, away from his family, when he no longer owns any property in the area?

"Carey had stayed back in Montreal for the past two weeks... We were sure happy to see him today!" - Angela Price

Anyway, we don't have any more details at the moment, but you have to admit that it's thought-provoking!

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Carey Price back with the Canadiens? It's confirmed and it's big

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