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Chantal Machabée would have made a mistake in announcing Martin St-Louis' departure from the Canadiens

Published March 22, 2024 at 12:21

The communications team of the Montreal Canadiens has been doing a very good job since the hiring of Chantal Machabée. However, an error may have been made in announcing Martin St-Louis's departure.

That's what JT Utah mentions, and although I've always admired Chantal, I'm forced to agree with his comments.

"I find that the Montreal Canadiens mishandled the situation. I receive all sorts of unimaginable theories (false ones). Any situation that can happen, whether it's physical, illnesses, viruses, mental health issues, marital disputes, it's all over the place, and we're just one post away from a semi-influential account spreading a [harmful] rumor that will do real damage to the family." - Via Stanley25

It's certain that there will always be rumors in Montreal. That's the main reason why it's important, even crucial, for someone influential like Chantal to clarify things from the start.

"I really wish Chantal Machabée would make a video on social media and address Martin St-Louis's situation. We don't want any rumors. And suppose she simply says that it involves a physical accident or whatever, well then the Canadiens would be destroying a lot of false information, and you would be shutting down the rumor mill." - JT Utah

I'm aware that this is a very delicate situation, but it would prevent potential harmful rumors. Let's not forget the story surrounding Connor Bedard's mother and Corey Perry, which caused a lot of unnecessary noise due to lack of information.

Regardless, I still believe that Chantal is doing an excellent job. That's just my opinion, which I share with Jean Trudel.

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Chantal Machabée would have made a mistake in announcing Martin St-Louis' departure from the Canadiens

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