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Cole Caufield opens up: the Canadiens forward shares his thoughts

Published March 28, 2024 at 6:15 PM

We know Cole Caufield as the smiling, energetic player who always seems to be in good spirits. Opening up, we realize that the reality for players isn't always rosy.

Indeed, the pressure to perform is ever-present, and players feel it keenly. And nobody thinks about how you're feeling, you just have to produce and produce.

"No one cares how you feel, you have to perform." - Cole Caufield

In a documentary by Emily Kaplan, Cole opened up like never before. It's high-level journalism work where we learn more about the young man.

Caufield particularly mentioned how difficult it was for him to hear everyone saying he would score 50 goals in his second season in Montreal.

By his own admission, scoring 50 goals in a single NHL season is extremely challenging, and very few people are capable of doing it, especially in their second season. We see that despite his immense talent, he's very down-to-earth.

In his second season, Cole put a lot of pressure on himself and hit a wall. It was Martin St-Louis who restored his confidence, which was quite expected.

Today, the coach handles the journalists, and the players breathe easier. Cole is a much better hockey player overall, and the goals will follow, so don't worry.

We strongly recommend listening to this, it's simply fantastic.

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Cole Caufield opens up: the Canadiens forward shares his thoughts

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