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Concrete Proposal for Trevor Zegras to Montreal, and Reactions Abound

Published February 23, 2024 at 11:59

Certainly not official, but very unofficial, it's enjoyable to see the fan reactions when a trade proposal occurs, especially when the player involved is Trevor Zegras.

There are numerous rumors surrounding him, and insiders are adding fuel to the fire, notably Pierre LeBrun, who confirms that Kent Hughes did indeed call Pat Verbeek, his counterpart in Anaheim, to initiate negotiations.

"And I can tell you that among the 4-5 teams that called the Ducks for a trade involving Trevor Zegras, the Montreal Canadiens are one of them." - Pierre LeBrun

Now, the very popular observer, particularly on X, Marc-Olivier Beaudoin, is weighing in. He suggests offering this year's first-round pick to acquire the star forward.

"Would you trade the Habs' first-round pick for Trevor Zegras?

Considering that the lottery is behind us and the pick is in the range of 7 to 9." - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

Zegras himself was a former 9th overall pick, so it makes sense. Despite this, the majority of fans are voting no, at exactly 49.7%.

It's essential to consider that a draft pick, even a first overall, remains a prospect. It's a player who has never played against the best in the world, and we can never be sure if they will perform at that level.

There are no generational talents this year, except perhaps Macklin Celebrini, and even then, he won't be available by the 7th pick.

Zegras has proven that he can produce in the best league in the world, and being alongside his best friend Cole Caufield and coached by Martin St-Louis could spark something special.

What are your thoughts on this proposal?

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February 23   |   490 answers
Concrete Proposal for Trevor Zegras to Montreal, and Reactions Abound

Would you be willing to trade the 7th to 9th overall pick for Trevor Zegras?

Yes30762.7 %
No18337.3 %
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