Logan Mailloux
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Criminal Accusation Against Logan Mailloux: "The Girl Wanted Revenge"

Published May 3, 2024 at 2:31 PM

Several years after hockey prospect Logan Mailloux withdrew from the NHL draft due to criminal accusations, the topic is still causing a stir.

Normally, we wouldn't bring this up because it's in the past, but it's still an important development, and it comes from Eric Hoziel.

New Developments Regarding Logan Mailloux

Recall that in 2021, when Mailloux was ranked as the 23rd North American prospect in the NHL, he asked teams not to draft him because he was facing criminal charges in Sweden.

We already know the story.

However, here's what we've just learned.

"Publicly, Mailloux said at the time that he had work to do on himself before he could be drafted [in 2021]. But this week, in the latest episode of the Process podcast, Eric Hoziel shed a different light.

According to [his] report, in private with teams, Mailloux didn't have exactly the same speech. In fact, he rather said that 'the girl wanted to get back at him' in that situation.

Via Charles-Alexis Brisebois

The episode in question is here:

According to Hoziel, this statement might have cooled some teams' interest in young Logan Mailloux, which might better explain why he slipped so much in the 2021 draft.

In short, today, thanks to the exceptional work of women like Chantal Machabée and France Margaret Bélanger, and especially thanks to Mailloux himself, he has evolved immensely as a person and as a human being.

It's entirely to his credit, and he can be very proud of himself.

Mailloux, the 31st overall pick in 2021 (first round), is a 21-year-old right-handed defenseman who amassed a very solid 47 points in 72 games this season for the Laval Rocket in the AHL.

He added 1 point in 1 game for the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL.

We are very happy to have him with us today!

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