Draft: An interview with Kent Hughes for two Hometown players

David St-Jean
June 7, 2024  (10:55)

Kent Hughes
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Three weeks before the NHL draft, NHL executives, including Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, are attending the combine in Buffalo, an event to meet the top prospects of the 2024 class.

Among the interesting players, the two key figures of the Canadiens have interviewed two Quebecois players on Thursday.

Not all prospects present will be interviewed by the two executives of the Habs

Maxim Massé and Sacha Boisvert were called for a meeting with Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton, and other Montreal Canadiens executives
It can be said that the Montreal Canadiens might be interested in drafting Sacha Boisvert late in the first round or turning their attention to Maxim Massé in the second round with the Colorado Avalanche's pick. One never knows how the draft will unfold. Some players get picked earlier, while others fall for no clear reason.
According to Kevin Dubé, a journalist from the Journal de Québec who is in Buffalo for the "2024 Combine," the Canadiens' management indeed met with two well-known young forwards from the QMJHL network.
In the trade involving Sean Monahan, the Canadiens acquired the 26th overall pick in the current draft. This means the two players interviewed could be part of the organization's plans if they are still available. Sacha Boisvert is likely to be the first Quebecois to hear his name on June 28th.
The last Quebecois to be drafted in the first round by the Habs was none other than Louis Leblanc. The Quebecois chose to continue his development in the USHL and NCAA rather than the QMJHL. Injuries significantly hindered his progress, and he never had the expected career.
"This year, we'll be talking about Maxim Massé and Sacha Boisvert if the Habs keep the 26th overall pick, as these are the two Quebec players most likely to be available at the rank where the Canadiens choose, and that's also around the rank they are expected to be selected, according to many.

The two have met with the Habs." - Kevin Dubé, via TVA Sports

Here are the comments from young Massé:
"I had one done, and the stress was a bit down, but when I saw the next one was with the Canadiens, the stress went up a bit! It's the team of my childhood, the team of Quebec, and it holds a special place for me. I was a bit more stressed, but it was a good interview."

Unsurprisingly, both players would be excited to join their childhood team. For a Quebecois, being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens is like a fairy tale.
The process is evidently very serious.
At 18 years old, Sacha Boisvert has an interesting frame at 6 feet 2 inches and 178 pounds. He grew up in the minor hockey system in the Trois-Rivières area before heading to American leagues. He collected 68 points in 61 games this season in the USHL.
On his side, Maxim Massé is also 18 and even more imposing with a physique of 6 feet 2 inches and 192 pounds. Originally from Rimouski, Massé scored 75 points in 67 games this season in the QMJHL.
Two names to remember for Montreal Canadiens fans.
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Draft: An interview with Kent Hughes for two Hometown players

Which of these two players is more likely to end up with the Canadiens in the 2024 draft?

Sacha Boisvert27574.3 %
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