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Horrible comments about former Canadiens player Alex Galchenyuk

Published March 26, 2024 at 9:56

The guys from the Stanley25 podcast, Max Truman and JT Utah, had former Canadiens manager David St-Germain as a guest, and he shared some insights about Alex Galchenyuk, who is portrayed as a horrible person.

Indeed, in his 10-year career in North America, Galchenyuk has played for 7 teams, which is quite revealing. In Montreal, we saw all the potential and talent he had, but when the attitude doesn't follow, it doesn't count for much.

It all ended very badly for him, as he made one last foolish move a week after signing a deal with the Arizona Coyotes, and his contract was terminated immediately. He's now playing in the KHL.

As for St-Germain's remarks, they're not very kind:

"He [Alex Galchenyuk] was hated by everyone. People from the Foundation hated him. He was a despicable human being in every way."

- David St-Germain, via Stanley2

So it's not surprising that he hasn't been able to get along with a team in the long run. Galchenyuk is a workout machine and has important assets as a player, but his less developed human side has closed many doors for him.

Source Marqueur: Déclaration monstre sur l'ancien du Canadien, Alex Galchenyuk : « C'était un être humain exécrable »
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Horrible comments about former Canadiens player Alex Galchenyuk

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