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Incredible: An anecdote about Cole Caufield goes viral, showcasing his exceptional character as a human being

Published March 16, 2024 at 12:33

Yes, Cole Caufield has been a crowd favorite since day one in Montreal, and for good reason. Players who can electrify the crowd like he does are rare, and Canadiens fans haven't had that pleasure since Alex Kovalev and the glory days of Carey Price.

The young man fully embraces his role as a star, and although there are sometimes rumors about him, particularly regarding his partying tendencies, he remains a player and a human being of great quality, with his values in the right place.

Even in the spotlight, one can still find a certain simplicity, and Cole has remained true to himself. His head hasn't swelled, and a recent anecdote shared by JT Utah proves it.

"I have a scoop on Cole Caufield. I like to analyze the behavior and personality of players. At the beginning of the season in an interview, Cole said he enjoys being a superstar, and often we wonder if some players think they are entitled to everything.

So, there's a Quebec company called Fake Artgang that launched a new cap, and Cole Caufield commented on the post saying he liked the product...

So, the company's social media guy sent a private message to Cole Caufield asking if he wanted free products... and Cole replied:

"No need, I've already ordered it!"

It may seem trivial, but let's put it into context. Celebrities love to leverage their influence to get free stuff. Cole could have received free products from this company, but he didn't.

He insisted on paying for his cap; it didn't even cross his mind to have it for free. Moreover, he commented on the company's post without expecting anything in return. The visibility that must give to this Quebec company must be incredible!

It goes to show that being a crowd favorite isn't something you learn. It's a succession of small gestures like this one that make Cole such a respected player and man.

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Incredible: An anecdote about Cole Caufield goes viral, showcasing his exceptional character as a human being

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