Is the Canadiens' first pick list reduced to four names?

Carl Vaillancourt
April 15, 2024  (2:42 PM)

Cole Eiserman
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Speculations have been circulating for a few days regarding the Canadiens' choice, which seems to be narrowing down between the 5th and 7th overall pick in the 2024 amateur draft. Currently sitting at 28th place, Kent Hughes and his scouting team will likely trim the list once the lottery is behind us.

While the 2023 draft didn't hold many surprises for the Canadiens, except for Macklin Celebrini, anything is possible in 2024. Russian prospects Ivan Demidov and Anton Silayev show promise, but geopolitical tensions might complicate their selection.
Thus, it's reasonable to focus on a list of 4 to 5 names.
It's already known that Kent Hughes won't draft a left-handed defenseman, given the Canadiens' strong pool of young left-handed defensemen.
It's also known that Macklin Celebrini and Ivan Demidov won't be available, as they're likely to be the first two picks in the NHL draft. Unless winning the lottery, it's highly unlikely that Cayden Lindstrom will be available either if the Canadiens aren't in the top 4 or 5 picks.
This leaves few options, but still options we love!
"1. Celebrini #1

Up to three defensemen between picks 2 and 6, possibly five in the top 10

Demidov and Lindstrom will likely be in the top 5.

The groundwork seems laid for a selection of Parekh/Iginla/Catton/Eiserman for MTL."

- Marco D'Amico

According to Marco D'Amico, a reputable hockey commentator on the X platform, the list is straight forward for Kent Hughes. There are four names that might interest Kent Hughes based on his recent statements.
Offensive-minded right-handed defenseman Zayne Parekh shouldn't be ruled out, especially considering his phenomenal point production in 2023-2024. With 96 points in 66 games played with the Saginaw Spirit in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), he's truly in a league of his own. It's a safe bet that he'll be considered by the Canadiens' top brass.
On the offensive side, forwards Berkly Catton, Cole Eiserman, and Tij Iginla are also under consideration by the organization.
Zayne Parekh, Berkly Catton, Cole Eiserman, or Tij Iginla as an acquisition for the Montreal Canadiens in June?
Catton, a 5-foot-11 left-handed center at 18 years old, collected an impressive 116 points, including 54 goals, in 68 games this season in the WHL. The Saskatchewan native is a speed merchant with elite playmaking vision.
Eiserman, a 6-foot left-winger at 17 years old, scored a staggering 74 goals in 73 games this season. Yes, you read that right! 74 goals in 73 games! He's a goal-scoring machine! Eiserman amassed 110 points this season.
Finally, Tij Iginla is a 17-year-old left-handed center who accumulated 84 points, including 47 goals, in 64 games this season in the WHL. Like Andrew Cristall, Tij Iginla has shown that he belongs among the best players in the WHL circuit.
These are four excellent young players, and it looks promising!
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Is the Canadiens' first pick list reduced to four names?

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