Kirby Dach and Martin St-Louis
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It is now confirmed for Martin St-Louis and Kirby Dach

Published February 19, 2024 at 6:25 PM

It has been confirmed that Kirby Dach has been absent since the 3rd game of the season, much to his dismay. As fans, it was total devastation when we learned about it, so imagine how it was for him.

The organization quickly addressed the mental challenges awaiting Dach, and the plan was to make him feel involved, to believe he has a role nonetheless.

This has been successful, as Martin St-Louis not only allows him to participate in practices but also invites him to pre-game meetings to get involved.

"They want two-way conversations. I don't just have to be there, be told what to do, and think about it: my opinion matters." - Kirby Dach

This means that despite his injury, Dach is very involved and has a say in the game plan and strategies. It's incredible to see this and speaks volumes about Martin St-Louis.

The coach does not dismiss anyone, and everyone's opinion is important. Every team member, even the youngest, has a say. We don't see that anywhere else in the NHL.

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It is now confirmed for Martin St-Louis and Kirby Dach

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