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It's now confirmed for the Canadiens, and a very rare phenomenon has just occurred

Published February 22, 2024 at 3:07 PM

In the final minutes, the Canadiens announced that they have acquired Collin White off waivers. In the same announcement, Brandon Gignac became available to all teams, otherwise, he will join the Rocket.

It's quite surprising as a situation since the Canadiens are playing in a few hours. Kent Hughes could have, theoretically, put Gignac on waivers tomorrow, as there is no center depth with the Canadiens.

By doing that, it gives time for the new player to join the team and practice with them before playing his first game.

However, in this case, it is not necessary. Collin White was playing for the Penguins, and the Canadiens are currently in Pittsburgh. This means that in the same day, White was a member of both teams playing against each other in the evening, and he will be in uniform against his former teammates.

"Colin White will make his Canadiens debut tonight in Pittsburgh" - Montreal Canadiens

It is really rare to see something like this in the NHL. It's almost as if a player changes jerseys and benches just before the game.

Regardless, let's welcome White, who is a former client of Kent Hughes. Hopefully, for Brandon Gignac, the rest of his journey is filled with success if he is claimed; otherwise, we will all be happy to see him back in Laval.

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It's now confirmed for the Canadiens, and a very rare phenomenon has just occurred

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