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Kent Hughes reveals his plan, and it greatly pleases Canadiens fans

Published May 7, 2024 at 9:51 PM

The NHL Draft lottery took place on Tuesday night, and the Canadiens are now certain to select 5th overall. This marks the second consecutive year.

Kent Hughes followed up with a very important press conference, where he was questioned about his plan regarding this selection, which could greatly change the team's face.

There's always a fear that a defenseman will be chosen, despite the Canadiens desperately needing a top forward. This is indeed what happened last year, and some fans are still in shock.

For this year, Kent Hughes was quite clear.

GM Kent Hughes: "listen, I think what I've said [in the past] is all things equal we would draft a forward and I think that remains the case..." - Priyanta Emrith

People are unanimous; they want Cayden Lindstrom in Montreal. However, it's impossible to paint an exact picture of the player the Canadiens will select, as four other teams speak before them.

It's also worth noting the possibility that Hughes could trade this pick. According to Elliotte Friedman, the team most likely to make moves in the draft is the Canadiens.

The GM could thus improve his position, lower it, or exchange it for an established player, such as Trevor Zegras.

We'll find out for sure by June 28th, the day of the first-round draft.

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Kent Hughes reveals his plan, and it greatly pleases Canadiens fans

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