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A major revelation about the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery

Published May 7, 2024 at 6:37 PM

The most anticipated moment by the supporters of the Habs since April 16, the date on which the Montreal Canadiens were officially sent on vacation, is tonight when we will know the ranking of the Montreal Canadiens' first pick. However, a new piece of information has stirred up a lot of excitement on social media.

A photo circulated on the web regarding the identity of the teams and the selection order, but now the excellent Marco Normandin has refuted this information with an extremely credible publication.

In short, the journalist has done significant work with his latest publication, explaining why the NHL cannot "rig" the lottery draw.

According to the information we have, Bill Daly will be on stage with blank placards to reveal the order of picks between the 1st and 16th ranks. The lottery itself will take place beforehand. It will be a pre-recorded draw presented to the fans.

The Lottery Rigged by Gary Bettman and the NHL? Here's a post showing why it's impossible.

Here's an excerpt from his article, available below:

"The reality is that it is impossible for Gary Bettman or the league to manipulate its draw. Here's how things will unfold behind the scenes.

Starting at 5:00 p.m., about twenty witnesses, including journalists, lawyers, and members of the involved teams, will gather in a closed-door room.

Before entering, they must leave phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches in a sealed envelope." - Marco Normandin

Among the people present will be Gary Bettman, Scott Clark (official auditor from the law firm Ernst & Young), journalists Frank Seravalli, Sheng Peng, Stephen Whyno, representatives from NHL teams, and several other reliable individuals.

"Before the draw, 1000 combinations are assigned to all participating teams randomly and according to each team's percentage chances.

For example, the Canadiens will precisely have 85 combinations out of 1000 (8.5%).

14 numbered balls from 1 to 14 are placed in the tumbler.

At this point, Thomas Meany will turn to the wall and, without ever being able to see what happens inside the tumbler, must instruct the technician to press the button to draw a ball every 20 seconds precisely." - Marco Normandin

So, there will be four balls drawn. The combination of these four balls has already been assigned to one of the teams in contention. The team with the correct combination will be crowned the winner of the NHL's 2024 lottery.

They will thus have the chance to acquire the excellent Macklin Celebrini.

After this draw supervised by the accounting firm Ernst & Young, an NHL employee will be tasked with arranging the draft order on the table for broadcasting with Bill Daly. The order will be established from pick #16 to the first pick. Bill Daly will learn of the results simultaneously with the Bettman circuit's leaders and the fans.

The complete draw video will then be published on the NHL's official website. This famous video will confirm the process.

The perception of fans had been altered a few seasons ago when the New York Rangers won the Alexis Lafrenière derby. Fans felt that the Rangers' ball looked bigger than that of the Leafs. There were cries of scandal and rigging. Once explained, the version proposed here helps dispel doubts.

Who will have the chance to get their hands on the young Canadian player Macklin Celebrini? At 17, the forward for the Boston Terriers amassed 64 points, including 32 goals in 38 games this season in the NCAA.

It's time to knock on wood, cross fingers, rub the lucky rabbit's foot, or even go pick four-leaf clovers near the Bell Centre. Basically, it takes all the luck in the world!

Credit: HABSolumentFan - Here's why the NHL can't "rig" the lottery draw
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