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MAJOR: Kent Hughes has made his decision regarding David Savard

Published March 1, 2024 at 11:50

The David Savard situation is generating a lot of buzz on the eve of the March 8 trade deadline. It was not expected that he would be in such high demand, but many insiders firmly believe he will be traded.

Among these insiders, one of the most well-connected in the industry, Pierre LeBrun, strongly believes that Kent Hughes has set his minimum threshold for negotiating his defenseman. Remember that LeBrun speaks directly to general managers, including Kent Hughes.

"According to Pierre LeBrun, Montreal will not part with Savard unless they receive:

a 1st-round pick
a young player equivalent to a 1st-round pick
picks of equivalent value to a 1st-round pick
Is there a team that could make a move before the deadline?"


This means that if other GMs call Hughes without at least starting discussions with the equivalent of a first-round pick, he hangs up.

Bidding is likely to escalate, and he may receive more offers, increasing the chances that Savard could indeed be traded this season.

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MAJOR: Kent Hughes has made his decision regarding David Savard

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