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Major statement: David Perron will end up with the Canadiens

Published May 5, 2024 at 9:16 PM

The Canadiens have a lot of young players in their ranks, and the team will get even younger year by year, as contracts for veterans expire and are not renewed.

There are still some veterans, but the key with young players is to surround them with quality experienced players. Brendan Gallagher can set an example, but in terms of attack, the depth pretty much stops there.

David Perron is nearing the end of his career, but his name is circulating a lot within the Canadiens' circle. He will turn 36 on May 28, but he's as consistent as a clock, with around 50 points per season for the past seven years.

He will surely help the Canadiens in a veteran role on the second line, in addition to being a man for the big occasions. On this subject, he broke his silence, and it's very convincing.

If Perron doesn't manage to sign with the Canadiens this summer, as he will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st, he is confident of securing a position with the team someday.

"I mentioned it to other people, but when I play in Montreal, compared to when I play at home with the Red Wings, I don't have the same nervousness when I step onto the ice, and you hear the Coldplay song start. There's something, even though in my preparation, I do the same thing. There's a certain extra electricity in my veins. I feel that if I played 10-15 games, it would become natural, and I would be able to apply my 'game' the right way. It would be a dream to play in Montreal.

'Martin St-Louis never played for the Canadiens, but coaching-wise, I think it's the same thing. If it doesn't happen to me as a player, it will happen in another role, possibly, later on." - David Perron

This means that the forward is very confident of ending up with the Canadiens one day, whether as a player or as a coach later on.

Personally, I would love to see Perron come to Montreal this summer. Below 5 million for one or two years, I would sign him immediately if I were Kent Hughes.

We will know as soon as the free agent market opens, but one thing is certain, David Perron's name will not remain available for long, and Hughes will have to sign him.

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Major statement: David Perron will end up with the Canadiens

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