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Major trade involving Arber Xhekaj and a first-round pick in 2024 from the Montreal Canadiens?

Published March 21, 2024 at 5:46 PM

Speculation and rumors are integral to hockey year-round, especially in Montreal. Proposals also abound, as the Canadiens are often involved in all sorts of potential trades in the eyes of the media, in this case involving Arber Xhekaj.

It's known that the sheriff is very interesting to several teams and has been part of many rumors leading up to the trade deadline.

That's still the case, but it's just a pure proposal, this time coming from Jean-Charles Lajoie. The host believes that Xhekaj would be a good centerpiece to acquire Trevor Zegras in Montreal this summer.

"To the question of the day, I added Arber Xhekaj to this top 5 protected first-round pick. To receive, you have to give, and an asset like Trevor Zegras must come at a cost. In other words, if Zegras moves, it won't be a bargain for his acquirer.

Anaheim has a lot of good young defensemen, especially on the right side. I doubt they'd pass on an Xhekaj on the left side. The sheriff is cut from the mold of Western hockey and would provide valuable services to the Ducks for several seasons.

So Xhekaj and the Canadiens' top 5 protected first-round pick to get Trevor Zegras?!" - Jean Charles Lajoie

It's true that Zegras won't come cheap, and Kent Hughes will have to pay with at least one interesting player from the current roster, but I doubt all fans would agree with him.

Imagine if the Canadiens were to obtain the 6th overall pick and then trade it for Zegras, in addition to giving up Arber Xhekaj. That certainly wouldn't sit well with everyone.

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Major trade involving Arber Xhekaj and a first-round pick in 2024 from the Montreal Canadiens?

Would you trade Arber Xhekaj and the 2024 first-round pick for Trevor Zegras if you were the Montreal Canadiens?

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