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Major: We have news about Martin St-Louis' son

Published March 17, 2024 at 9:55 PM

Since David Savard revealed in an interview after the first period of Saturday's game in Calgary that Martin St-Louis's absence is related to his son, we now have some insight into the situation.

Martin has three sons: Lucas, Mason, and Ryan, so it's challenging to determine which one is involved and why. The only thing we know is that the family is receiving a significant outpouring of love right now, which is truly heartwarming to see.

A piece of information circulating on the web provides some insight into the health status of the son involved. It appears that Lucas played hockey on Saturday night, so theoretically, if he wasn't with his family, we can hopefully stop fearing the worst.

"On MSL: looks like his son Lucas played last night for Dubuque, hopefully it's a sign that whatever has happened to Mason or Ryan is not life-threatening."

This news is indeed encouraging, indicating that his brother was playing hockey last night. However, it also suggests that whatever occurred is serious, although not necessarily related to his health.

Regardless, I wanted to share the good news, if there is any, that it's possible the health situation of his son is under control. As for the rest, I prefer to respect their privacy.

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Major: We have news about Martin St-Louis' son

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