Jeff Gorton and Martin St-Louis
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Martin St-Louis is involved in trade discussions with Jeff Gorton of the Montreal Canadiens

Published March 24, 2024 at 9:23

It's quite significant when we learn that a head coach is involved in a team's trade discussions. This is the case with Martin St-Louis and the Montreal Canadiens, according to Jeff Gorton.

The coach's influence is indeed substantial. He has a say in the team's plan, and it aligns with Kent Hughes's approach to involve as many people as possible in discussions.

At the moment, the focus is on when the rebuild will be completed. The Canadiens' management will undoubtedly want to eventually start winning or at least have a more competitive team on the ice.

Jeff Gorton addressed this question by involving St-Louis, and that's noteworthy.

"Kent (Hughes), Martin (St-Louis), and I often discuss the timing of moving on to the next step, maybe a free agent, maybe a trade."

- Jeff Gorton on The Sick Podcast: The Eye Test hosted by Jimmy Murphy and Pierre McGuire

When Gorton was hired, everyone had in mind his work in rebuilding the New York Rangers. That team is now a contender for top honors, and we cannot overlook the excellent job he did there, including acquiring star player Artemi Panarin.

There's an indication that something similar could happen in Montreal. The sequence of steps seems to be following a similar path, as mentioned by Mathias Brunet of La Presse.

"Jeff Gorton didn't surprise anyone this week by expressing his desire to follow the model that brought him success with the New York Rangers.

Is Gorton being realistic, however, in wanting to replicate his approach in a market that's quite different from New York?

The first two steps are similar in many ways. Gorton initiated a significant rejuvenation process in 2017 with the Rangers, parting ways with numerous veterans to accumulate draft picks and prospects."

- Mathias Brunet, Rondelle libre on and La Presse Plus

Regardless, despite the tax disadvantages in Montreal compared to other NHL cities, there are increasingly more reasons for a star player to want to settle here and sign a long-term contract. It's truly possible!

Source Rumeurs de transaction: Révélation choc de Jeff Gorton sur l'avenir du Canadien
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Martin St-Louis is involved in trade discussions with Jeff Gorton of the Montreal Canadiens

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