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Plot twist and return of Kirby Dach this season? A major last-minute clue suggests so

Published February 21, 2024 at 12:30

We've known since the beginning of the season: Kirby Dach will be sidelined until the next campaign. It seemed non-negotiable, even a requirement from the doctor who operated on him.

"Even though he skated yesterday, forget the possibility of seeing Kirby Dach return to the game by the end of the season. He cannot play in a competitive match before June, according to the requirements of the doctor who operated on him!" - Renaud Lavoie, February 15

However, in a press conference last week, Dach himself did not rule out the possibility of returning this season. It seems he firmly believes in it, and he is proving it.

Indeed, the Canadiens' number 77 was practicing with his full equipment on Wednesday morning, which is obviously very good news. Rumors are starting to circulate about a possible return this year.

Have his doctor's requirements changed? Is Dach preparing in case the Canadiens make the playoffs? Perhaps, but I doubt it.

These steps are crucial for his rehabilitation, as his doctor mentioned during the operation. Kirby would not be sidelined for long, and he could walk and run fairly quickly after surgery.

Rehabilitation is also lengthy because he needs to strengthen the muscles around his knee. According to the doctor whose name escapes me, many players have returned prematurely from such surgery and regretted it.

Unless there is a major turnaround that sees the Canadiens making the playoffs or the doctor's requirements have changed, there is no chance of seeing Dach in action this season.

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Plot twist and return of Kirby Dach this season? A major last-minute clue suggests so

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