Shea Weber breaks the silence on his end of career and it's devastating

David St-Jean
June 28, 2024  (5:45)

Shea Weber
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The least we can say is that Shea Weber was quite a warrior on the ice, always giving it his all every time he stepped on the ice.

He was strong as an ox, earning him the nickname "Man Mountain". He was also a respected and undisputed leader in the NHL.
When Weber spoke, people listened. Like Carey Price, he wasn't very talkative, but he had a presence that few players have in the NHL.
Now that he's set to enter the Hockey Hall of Fame, he's opened up about his last season in Montreal, which was marked by numerous absences.
"That whole year (20-21) I couldn't get out of bed. I couldn't walk. It was so painfulthen you get into the playoffsbut it's what you play for, you're willing to give anything to get therethe amount of pain medications I had to take is not healthy"

- Shea Weber

It's truly heartbreaking to hear that. The captain played through several serious injuries that kept him bedridden, yet he still helped the team reach the Stanley Cup Final.
Obviously, he wasn't the same player on the ice, but he was still very valuable to the Canadiens and gave it his all.
Those were undoubtedly his final moments in the NHL, and although he's now a member of the Utah team, he'll never play again and he'll enter the Hall of Fame with great respect.
I'll remember Weber as a reliable, robust defenseman with a devastating shot. But also as a leader on and off the ice, a man who was there for his teammates and never complained.
People were harsh on him because he didn't make many appearances at the Bell Centre after his injuries, but now we can understand why. When getting out of bed in the morning feels like an insurmountable task, I can't imagine the poor quality of life that comes with it.
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Shea Weber breaks the silence on his end of career and it's devastating

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