Terrible statement from former Habs defenseman Alexandre Picard

David St-Jean
May 23, 2024  (10:57 PM)

Alexandre Picard
Photo credit: Radio-Canada

We love our national sport, hockey, but former Canadiens defenseman Alexandre Picard is casting a shadow over our beautiful sport.

Indeed, Picard published a paper a few days ago to denounce some completely unacceptable behaviors among young people here in Quebec.
As a father of children who play hockey himself, he simply cannot believe it. He just wrote another article adding blood-chilling experiences.
«My child plays in school hockey, but I have also seen terrible things.

Criminal threats from a coach towards a player, a father who, during the Zamboni's passage, grabs his son by the collar and violently slams him against the wall in front of his teammates because he is unhappy with his performance.»

«I have also witnessed a coach altering the score sheet to increase the value of certain players who want to try their luck in midget AAA, but not doing it for all the young players. Or a coach who tells a young player to ‘shut up' on the bench!»

And this coach is still walking around the arenas, subjecting us to his screams directed at his son, to whom the team's players were forced to pass the puck this year.

I must say that I have lost confidence in the complaint structure associated with minor hockey.» - Via TVA Sports

This is really serious, and we must denounce these kinds of behaviors as much as possible so that things change.
It is said that the youth development is not what it used to be in Quebec, and it's not surprising. Not only is hockey no longer affordable, but there is also enormous pressure that comes with it, and many young people quit due to lack of enjoyment.
Alexandre went even further, and it breaks the heart.
«An 11-year-old girl crying all the way home in the car because she doesn't understand why she was benched for 10 minutes at the end of the game, is that normal?»

11 years old... it is not normal for an 11-year-old child to go home crying because she was warming the bench.
It is downright disgusting, and things must change. People must change. Hockey remains a sport, therefore a game. Regardless of the age, even at the NHL level or any league where players are paid to play, there must be fun.
This is an absolute must-read. Denounce these kinds of behaviors. It is by everyone getting involved that things will change.
There has always been an enormous amount of talent in Quebec and Canada. Let the young people develop at their own pace with enjoyment, instead of favoring the best at the age of 11.
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Terrible statement from former Habs defenseman Alexandre Picard

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