Major development on Jo Drouin's next destination

Carl Vaillancourt
May 23, 2024  (7:30 PM)

Jonathan Drouin
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During a press conference held this week, former Montreal Canadiens forward Jonathan Drouin broke his silence about his intentions for the upcoming season.

The Hometown forward is keen to remain with the Avalanche. Will Joe Sakic be able to fulfill his wish? It's hard to say...
While questions abound about his future in the NHL, the main person involved has not kept any secrets. He was unequivocal about his desire to play with his friend Nathan MacKinnon. He will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.
From what can be inferred between the lines, the player seems willing to pass up lucrative offers from other markets to ensure he stays in Colorado's mountainous environment.
"I would love to return to the Avalanche next year. I loved my time here, and so did my whole family." - Jonathan Drouin

Several rumors in the media suggested a potential move to Europe. However, his 2023-2024 performances are likely to significantly increase his salary in the NHL.

It's Reportedly Confirmed for Jonathan Drouin, According to David Pagnotta

According to the well-known insider, it is reportedly already confirmed within the team's offices!
"Colorado will have a busy summer, but I am convinced that Jonathan Drouin will stay with the team. The fit is too logical." - David Pagnotta
The most interesting question concerning Jonathan Drouin is what his value will be after having one of the best seasons of his career in all aspects of his game. However, the Colorado Avalanche's financial margin is not very high.
In 2023-2024, the Quebec forward earned a tidy sum of $825,000. The salary increase is expected to be significant.
At 29 years old, Jonathan Drouin recorded 56 points in 79 games this season, including 19 goals. He ranks fourth among the team's top scorers after Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen, and Cale Makar.
Drouin added 3 points in 3 playoff games. Unfortunately, he was injured in the last game of the regular season, causing him to miss the entire first round and the first three games against the Dallas Stars in the second round.
It's hard not to be happy for our local boy. How much is Jonathan Drouin worth for the 2024-2025 season?
Credit: Marqueur.com - Major Development: It Would Now Be Confirmed for Jonathan Drouin
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Major development on Jo Drouin's next destination

What is the value of Jonathan Drouin for the next season?

3 M$ or less32067.5 %
3,5 M$9920.9 %
4 M$418.6 %
More than 4,5 M$143 %
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