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The performances of Alex Debrincat are enough to secure the Habs

Published May 13, 2024 at 8:24 PM

Even though some feel that Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield was less electrifying than the previous season, he still managed to score 65 points in 82 games this year. Expectations may have been high after his debut in 2022-2023.

Some fans and journalists are disappointed with his goal production, as he only scored 28 goals this year. Some expected a contribution of more than 35-40 goals in 2023-2024 from the team's 2019 first-round pick.

Beyond offensive production, Cole Caufield has shown impressive progression in other aspects of his game. What about his defensive play! He's unrecognizable compared to the previous season. Martin St-Louis had the ambition to make him a more complete player in all three zones. Even though Caufield is not close to a nomination for the Frank J. Selke Trophy, it can be said that this improvement bodes well for the team's future.

In 2022-2023, Caufield took many shots in situations where a pass might have been needed. His desire to make a difference and his scoring abilities led him to those actions. However, his 37 assists demonstrate that he has matured and cannot be the sole contributor, especially on the power play. The production of Nick Suzuki and Mike Matheson supports this.

Many experts compare Cole Caufield to Alex DeBrincat. Two small players with elite shots in the Bettman circuit. They are known for their offensive prowess and agility on the ice. There are many similarities in their respective games!

When we compare ourselves, we console ourselves...

Many times, Caufield has been compared to young Alex DeBrincat. The latter, whom many consider an elite scorer in the NHL, not only has the same height but also the same offensive abilities as the CH's number 22.

Cole Caufield, like Alex DeBrincat for the CH

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"One is 26 years old, measures 5 feet 8 inches and has been scoring goals abundantly since a young age, while the other is 23 years old, measures also 5 feet 8 inches and... also scores goals abundantly since a young age."

As Alex Jodoin reminds us on his account X, the two small-sized players completed the season with essentially the same statistics. In fact, the CH forward finished the campaign with one more goal than his counterpart from the Red Wings, even though Alex Debrincat is perceived as one of the best scorers in the NHL when he played in Chicago. In 2020-2021, he finished 3rd with 32 goals in 52 games, and the following year, he was the 14th best goal scorer in the Bettman circuit with 41 goals.

Since arriving in Detroit, Alex Debrincat hasn't been scoring with the same regularity. It must be said that his usage on the power play, the system of play, and his teammates may not be the same as in Chicago, even though Detroit has several talented players such as Dylan Larkin, Lucas Raymond, Moritz Seider, David Perron, and Patrick Kane.

Does this mean we should be more patient with Cole Caufield? It goes without saying that he had a tougher start to the season, but the second half of the season has been promising for fans. His scoring touch was more visible when the trio of Juraj Slafkovsky, Nick Suzuki, and Cole Caufield found their rhythm on the ice.

A harvest of 65 points at 23 years old is not bad at all! It will be interesting to see if he can reach the point-per-game mark in the near future. Can he reach the famous 40-goal milestone?
This accomplishment has rarely been achieved in Montreal in recent years. The last 40-goal scorer in a single season was Vincent Damphousse. He achieved this feat in 1993-1994. So, it's been 30 years in 2024! Cole Caufield could put an end to this drought in 2025...


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