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An NHL referee is accused, and it's serious

Published May 13, 2024 at 6:34 PM

In the playoffs, emotions run high, and fans, as well as players on the ice, become much more sensitive.

Just like the Canadiens had their history with Kerry Fraser in the past and Chris Lee today, the Vancouver Canucks have their nemesis named Kevin Sutherland.

He has a reputation for being detrimental to the Canucks, to the extent that a rather unflattering statistic has emerged.

"Everyone has heard stories about Sutherland's opinion about the Canucks because he doesn't hide it during the off-season.

When Tony G talks about the NHL trying to 'manage' series this is what he means.

Drai is hurt. McDavid is invisible so Sutherland gets sent in."

"Canucks 0-7-1 in the last 8 games reffed by Sutherland."

It's true that it's very frustrating when you feel like your nemesis is refereeing the game. As a Canadiens fan, when I learn that Chris Lee will be there, I know the players are facing two opponents.

Moreover, the statistics are even more elaborate with him and the Habs:

"His alleged bias against the Canadiens is well-documented. A user did some research two years ago and found that the Canadiens suffer a 13% increase in penalty minutes per game when he referees. Their winning percentage over 100 games decreased by 8.22% while Lee was on the ice."

Nevertheless, I don't believe it's colluded with the guy in charge. Not in 2024. It's just a coincidence, but referees are professionals, and I don't believe they show favoritism.

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An NHL referee is accused, and it's serious

In your opinion, do certain referees show favoritism towards certain NHL teams?

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