Jeff Gorton, Kent Hughes and Maxim Tsyplakov
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The rumor is confirmed for Kent Hughes and it's very interesting

Published May 16, 2024 at 12:21

Kent Hughes has eyes everywhere on the globe, and as we mentioned a few days ago, a forward was on the verge of signing with the Canadiens.

It seems to be on the verge of confirmation, as KHL forward Maxim Tsyplakov reportedly met with Kent Hughes and is close to reaching an agreement with the Canadiens.

"Hearing #KHL Maxim Tsyplakov may be heading to Montreal Canadiens.

Nothing official yet."

- Hockey News Hub

So it appears to be confirming. According to rumors, the Russian forward was about to agree with either the Canadiens or the Maple Leafs. It seems to be pointing more and more towards the Habs.

Tsyplakov is a prolific scorer, notably with 31 goals in 65 games this season. He could help either the Canadiens or the Rocket, and Kent Hughes seems to be in full charm offensive to bring him into the organization.

"The Canadiens could sign 25-year-old Russian forward Maxim Tsyplakov according to this account. A 6'3 winger weighing 190 pounds who just scored 31 goals in 65 games in the KHL. Friedman recently confirmed that the Habs had met with him. No risk, good possible return. To be continued!"

- Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

Could the Gorton/Hughes duo see Tsyplakov as the next Artemi Panarin, a great find from the KHL? It's very possible. I can't imagine the GM would go see a player from so far away just to offer him to play in the AHL.

We'll see what happens in the coming days, but keep this name in mind. He could become Kent Hughes' first acquisition this summer.

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The rumor is confirmed for Kent Hughes and it's very interesting

Do you think Kent Hughes is trying to bring Tsyplakov to Montreal or Laval?

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