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The rumor is confirmed for Trevor Zegras and the Montreal Canadiens

Published April 23, 2024 at 12:05

The rumors linking Trevor Zegras with the Canadiens have been circulating for a year now, and it can be said that it is officially confirmed now.

Indeed, the player himself doesn't hide from it; he's aware of all that, but he maintains a positive attitude about it.

He could say he's not happy in Anaheim, but he prefers to compliment the organization and not dwell too much on trade rumors.

«You see it,» Zegras said. «It's hard not to see. Definitely sucks. I think you can always control what you can control. When there are certain teams that there are rumors to, obviously it goes in a different direction so to speak.»

- Trevor Zegras

The star player didn't have a very good season, as he was injured more often than not, in addition to not having a training camp.

He will have to bounce back next year, but for now, he has two years left on his contract and there's no rush for negotiations.

«I mean, obviously, Pat is great at his job,» Zegras said. «You see the guys that he's brought in here and the guys that he's drafted. I got a lot of faith in Pat. I know he'll do what's best for this team. Whether or not we talk, I know he's always got the best interest of the Ducks and what's best for this team. Kind of just let him do his thing and try to play the best hockey you can.» - Trevor Zegras

While everyone says the relationship between Verbeek and Zegras is bad, the young forward seems convinced otherwise. We will see in the coming months or years if he was right.

One thing is certain, Canadiens fans would love to see him in the blue, white, and red uniform.

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The rumor is confirmed for Trevor Zegras and the Montreal Canadiens

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