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Total steal by Kent Hughes and the Canadiens in a trade

Published March 31, 2024 at 1:16 PM

Kent Hughes pulled off a major heist in a recent transaction involving the Canadiens and the Jets.

Already, he acquired a first-round pick from the Flames to bring him into the team, and he also acquired a first-round pick from the Jets, and that's where it gets interesting.

Winnipeg is in a slump, so much so that they have dropped from 2nd to 10th in the overall standings.

"A few weeks ago, the Jets' first-round pick obtained in the Sean Monahan trade was around the 30-31st range.

The Jets are currently going through a rough patch, so the pick is now around 23rd. The playoffs will obviously have an impact on the actual selection order, but if the Jets are eliminated in the first two rounds, it should look something like this.

There's still a significant difference between 31st and 23rd... for a pick or for a trade!" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

Obviously, if the Jets make it to the conference finals, this ranking will matter little, but you never know. Imagine if Kent Hughes has the 23rd overall pick this summer, it would be a major asset for a trade or a pick, depending on the players still available.

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Total steal by Kent Hughes and the Canadiens in a trade

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