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Transaction demanded by Jake Allen: His agent breaks the silence

Published February 20, 2024 at 12:20

It's not every day that we get to hear the words of an agent for a player amidst rumors, as is the case with Jake Allen.

His agent, Allain Roy, stepped forward to advocate for his client's interests on TVA Sports, and it's safe to say that his message to Kent Hughes is clear.

"Jake is a good professional, but mentally, the situation with three goalies and hearing the rumors, like the one with the Avalanche last week, is not easy for him.

It's quite frustrating, but we will find a solution by the end of the season.

If not in March, it will be this summer."

Roy is putting pressure on the Canadiens' general manager. While not explicitly requesting a trade for his client, he is urging the organization to address the three-goalie situation as quickly as possible.

Whether it's Primeau or Allen, he wants Hughes to trade one of them so that everyone can move on.

Difficult Moments for Allen

With all these rumors, Jake Allen's performances clearly show that he is affected. When Matt Murley announced that he had been traded, Allen's family and friends constantly called him to ask if it was true.

It must not be easy to handle, even for a veteran. He no longer feels appreciated by the fans, and it's certain that it affects him, despite being a good professional.

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Transaction demanded by Jake Allen: His agent breaks the silence

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