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Vengeance against Logan Mailloux: shocking statement

Published May 2, 2024 at 11:19

Logan Mailloux made a remarkable entry into the world of professional hockey, as controversy erupted shortly before he was drafted.

Given his quality as a player, he would never have slipped to the 31st overall pick in 2021, but it happened. Recall that he publicly asked all teams not to select him that year, but Marc Bergevin and the Canadiens decided otherwise.

We all know the whole story, and I didn't want to revisit the topic, but a new piece of information has just come to light. Logan really had some significant work to do on himself.

According to Éric Hoziel, Mailloux's private discourse was totally different from his public one.

"In public, Mailloux said at the time that he had work to do on himself before he could be drafted [in 2021]. But this week, in the latest episode of the Process podcast, Éric Hoziel shed some light on this. According to what he reported, in private with the teams, Mailloux didn't exactly have the same discourse. In fact, he said rather that 'the girl wanted to get back at him' in that situation." - Via Charles-Alexis Brisebois

This means that when Mailloux met with the teams, he framed the situation more as a way to portray himself as a victim, which was viewed unfavorably by the majority of organizations.

Today, there is no doubt that Logan has done the work he needed to do to be a better person, or else Kent Hughes wouldn't have signed him.

I'm also very happy to have him with the Canadiens. He's a high-quality player who will help the Canadiens for many years!

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Vengeance against Logan Mailloux: shocking statement

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