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Patrick Roy loses his temper and makes a major statement

Published April 24, 2024 at 9:49

Patrick Roy's fiery temperament is well known, and it's back again. Indeed, Roy wasn't pleased after his Islanders lost 5-3 in the second game of the series against the Carolina Hurricanes.

In the playoffs, when your team is up 3-0 after 33 minutes, you expect to win the game. However, the Islanders blew it, and the Hurricanes came out on top.

What's troubling about it all is the number of shots taken by both teams. The Islanders had 12 shots in the game, with 7 in the first period alone.

On the other hand, the Hurricanes had a whopping 39 shots on goal, despite the 36 shots blocked by the Isles players. Journalists, trying to find some positivity in the game, highlighted this achievement, but Patrick had something else on his mind.

"I don't care about blocked shots. Talk to me about shots on goal. Blocked shots are calculated by a guy sitting somewhere in the arena or at a McDonald's. In fact, I have no idea where he calculates that from." - Patrick Roy

Emotion clearly caught Roy off guard with that one, but it's understandable. It's a humiliating defeat, and he's a proud competitor who hates to lose.

The hill isn't impossible for the Islanders to climb, but they'll need to step up their game to win their two home matches.

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Patrick Roy loses his temper and makes a major statement

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