Matvei Michkov
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Breaking news : A huge announcement about Matvei Michkov's situation

Published April 23, 2024 at 7:55 PM

In front of the media members for his traditional end-of-season press conference, Philadelphia Flyers general manager Daniel Brière took the opportunity to break the silence regarding the team's 2023 first-round pick, Matvei Michkov.

Nearly a year has passed since the selection of the young Russian sensation at the seventh overall pick by the Philadelphia Flyers in the amateur draft. It will be remembered that Kent Hughes had overlooked the prodigious forward.

Michkov has once again made history this year. In addition to settling in off the ice, the 19-year-old Russian has tallied 41 points in 47 games in the Russian Continental League.

Surprise: Matvei Michkov to Arrive in NHL Sooner Than Expected According to Daniel Brière

Concerns about him are starting to dissipate.

New Information on Matvei Michkov

It is difficult to ascertain whether the Canadiens made a mistake by passing on the number 39.

According to Daniel Brière, the forward is attempting to terminate his contractual agreement with the KHL in order to cross the ocean and play in North America. If such a situation were to occur in the coming days, Matvei Michkov would be rumored to be a serious contender for the Calder Trophy next season.

"Brière stated that Matvei Michkov should find a way to get out of his contract so he can come here before two years." - Jon Bailey

As long as he fails to rid himself of his professional contract in Russia, the Canadiens are safe. However, his arrival in North America could reignite debates about a potential mistake by the Canadiens, who preferred defenseman David Reinbacher.

At 19 years old, David Reinbacher has scored 1 goal and 11 points in 35 games in the Swiss A League. At the end of the regular season, he added 5 points in 11 games with the Laval Rocket.

It is difficult to compare a defenseman with a forward during a draft session; only the future will tell us if the Canadiens made a mistake.
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