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Plot twist: Patrick Roy already done as head coach?

Published February 28, 2024 at 1:17 PM

It's been just a few weeks since Patrick Roy was hired as the head coach of the Islanders, and to this day, people are still wondering why.

The reason is quite simple; Patrick excels with young players, known for taking them to another level. However, the Islanders are more of a veteran team. It's also known that other teams approached him.

According to Stefen Rosner, the top journalist covering the Islanders, there might be a rationale behind it, and Roy could eventually replace Lou Lamoriello as the GM.

«I do think at some point it will be Roy at GM and Benoit at Head Coach.» - Stefen Rosner

Lamoriello is 81 years old. Let's say he has less time ahead of him than behind, and sooner or later, he will take a well-deserved retirement.

Patrick could, therefore, be his successor, and it might be the initial plan, the main reason why he chose Long Island as his destination.

It makes sense, given his proven track record as a general manager with the Quebec Remparts.

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Plot twist: Patrick Roy already done as head coach?

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