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Major: the reason why Patrick Roy will not be the coach of the Senators would be known

Published December 22, 2023 at 10:52

It has been nearly a year since Patrick Roy has been discussed as the potential successor to DJ Smith in Ottawa. Now that Smith has been fired, Casseau's name is on everyone's lips.

Jacques Martin is currently serving as the interim coach, but one can expect further changes this summer. The current circumstances, with no general manager in place and the team not making progress, make it challenging to hire a new head coach who will grow with the club.

Patrick Roy remains in the rumors, but according to Frank Seravalli, that's not likely to happen.

"It's purely a question of personality. Staios is a reserved guy. We don't know yet who the next GM will be... But I have a hard time seeing Roy and Staios working together. Their personalities are opposite. That's why I didn't include him." - Frank Seravalli

We know that the interim general manager is the president of hockey operations, Steve Staios. There will inevitably be a successor to Pierre Dorion in the coming months, but Staios will remain in his position, and his new partner will likely be someone who aligns with his personality.

What Seravalli mentions makes a lot of sense. Just look at the Canadiens and how Hughes, Gorton, and St-Louis have a great rapport. Unfortunately, Patrick Roy does not seem to fit into the current management mold of the Senators, which is a shame.

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Major: the reason why Patrick Roy will not be the coach of the Senators would be known

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