New assistant-coach Jessica Campbell roasts a journalist in press conference

Carl Vaillancourt
July 5, 2024  (9:16)

Jessica Campbell
Photo credit: NBC 5

Dan Bylsma's new assistant with the Seattle Kraken, Jessica Campbell, had her first official press conference on Thursday morning. She quickly made new friends.

When mostly questioned about being the first woman to hold a coaching position behind an NHL bench, Jessica Campbell remained calm but delivered a clear message to the journalists.
We love it!
Jessica Campbell Delivers a Clear Message!
Here is an excerpt from one of her responses that speaks volumes.
"I love this response from the new assistant coach of the Seattle Kraken, Jessica Campbell, to Chris Daniels (journalist) about her journey to reach the NHL.

She achieved offensive results in Coachella, and I expect the same with the Kraken this winter." - Niko Tamurian

"I just need to trust myself, show up every day, and rely on those who truly matter. I believe I just need to be prepared every day, do the work, and have my own voice, while bringing my skills and abilities.

I must not hold back; I know I can make a difference, and I need to trust what I do, without focusing on distractions. The barriers that exist are generally the ones we set ourselves.

I focus on the goal, and I want to be a better person and a better coach every day!" - Jessica Campbell

Watch the video:
Although Jessica Campbell's response was politically correct, it was a spectacular rebuke to an American media outlet accusing the Seattle Kraken of using her appointment as a marketing stunt to generate interest around a team that finished outside the playoff picture.
What? A media outlet would do that... We don't believe it (sarcasm). We wonder which media... We won't name names here!
In marketing, there's a well-used adage: "Talk about it positively, talk about it negatively, but as long as it gets people talking!"
With her confidence and calm during the press conference, it's easy to see that Jessica Campbell is in the right seat, as Martin St-Louis would say. Jokes aside, it's refreshing to see a woman behind an NHL bench.
It's truly inspiring! She will have a lot on her plate, as the Seattle Kraken is not known for their offensive prowess. The team finished 29th with only 214 goals in the 2023-2024 season. The Kraken averaged 2.61 goals per game. Only the Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks, and Chicago Blackhawks scored fewer goals. To give an idea, the Montreal Canadiens scored 232 goals, 18 more.
She will be tasked with generating offense, so it will be really interesting to watch. The addition of Brandon Montour and Chandler Stephenson should greatly help the team offensively.
New assistant-coach Jessica Campbell roasts a journalist in press conference

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