Disaster in Toronto involving Auston Matthews

David St-Jean
April 29, 2024  (3:33 PM)

Auston Matthews
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The Toronto Maple Leafs will face the Boston Bruins at their home turf on Tuesday night. They'll be facing elimination and will need Auston Matthews in top form.

However, Matthews isn't in good shape, and his presence for the game is far from guaranteed. He missed today's practice, and his head coach doesn't seem very confident.
"The Leafs' practice has started and Auston Matthews is not on the ice. The Leafs' center was ruled out of game number 4 by the team doctor due to illness.

When Matthews missed practice on Friday, Dewar skated on the first line as a replacement, but that's not the case today. The Leafs are preparing for a scenario where Auston may not be available for game number 5." - Mark Masters

It seems that the league's best sharpshooter is quite seriously ill, which complicates things greatly for the Maple Leafs.
Facing elimination against the Bruins in Boston without their best player, one could say the end is near. It seems insurmountable for a team that lacks confidence.
The four high-paid stars simply aren't getting the job done so far.
Statistics for Matthews, Marner, Nylander, and Tavares this season:

Auston Matthews
· Regular season: 107 points, including 69 goals, in 81 games
· Playoffs: 3 points, including 1 goal, in 4 games

Mitch Marner
· Regular season: 85 points, including 26 goals, in 69 games
· Playoffs: 2 points, including 1 goal, in 4 games

William Nylander
· Regular season: 98 points, including 42 goals, in 82 games
· Playoffs: No points in 1 game

John Tavares
· Regular season: 65 points, including 29 goals, in 80 games
· Playoffs: 1 goal in 4 games

Once again, it's quite clear that the Leafs are a regular-season team, but when the playoffs come around, it becomes much tougher.
If Matthews indeed misses this game, it would be catastrophic for them, and the repercussions could extend to the firing of Sheldon Keefe and perhaps others.
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Disaster in Toronto involving Auston Matthews

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