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Hot seat: Major changes in Toronto? Updates

Published May 6, 2024 at 11:06

The Maple Leafs have once again been eliminated in the first round. It's becoming redundant in Toronto, and changes will inevitably have to happen.

The question is to target these changes correctly. The team should at least be able to win a round, but it fails, or barely succeeds, as it has won only one round since 2004.

There are many rumors surrounding Mitch Marner and John Tavares, but what if the problem doesn't come from the star players? Coach Sheldon Keefe has been on the hot seat for years, should he be replaced?

Sheldon Keefe on the hot seat

It seems that this won't happen immediately. Usually, when a decision is made at the end of the season regarding off-ice personnel, the announcement is made before the end-of-season review.

However, Keefe will be present in front of the media on Monday.

"The Leafs will hold an end-of-season availability for players and head coach Sheldon Keefe tomorrow, with management not due to speak until Thursday.

That's a significant departure from past protocol in these parts." - Chris Johnston, TSN

This means that for the moment, Keefe doesn't have to worry about his job security, but that could change.

It's more at the management level that there are questions now, as they will only meet with the media on Thursday.

Brendan Shanahan's name is increasingly circulating. If the organization really decides to change Presidents, it's quite possible that other heads will roll and that the cleanup will begin during the summer.

We will have more details on Thursday, but one thing is certain, the status quo is no longer conceivable in Toronto. They can't continue to lose in the first round without repercussions.

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Hot seat: Major changes in Toronto? Updates

In your opinion, which Maple Leafs star is most likely to leave this summer?

Mitch Marner23879.6 %
John Tavares4013.4 %
Auston Matthews113.7 %
William Nylander103.3 %
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